Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church
Monday, July 24, 2017

Backpack Buddies

Wake Cross Roads connects with a local school each year by providing food for its Backpack Buddies program.  Backpack buddies provides children in need with a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack each weekend during the school year. Through this program we are reach into the homes of our local community and show the love of Christ. 

What items are needed?

Breakfast Items: Grits, oatmeal, cereal, breakfast bars, pop tarts, Juice boxes, Non-Perishable Milk boxes (not powdered)
Lunch Items: Mac/cheese, soups, spaghetti, beanie wienies
Dinner Items: Mac/cheese, spaghetti, beef stew, ravioli
Snacks: Crackers, fruit cups, multigrain bars, pudding cups, chips
* All food items must be individually packaged by the manufacturer. No homemade goods can be accepted. Remember, these kids will be preparing the meals themselves! 
Don't have time to shop? Let us do the shopping for you!  We will be purchasing food items in bulk with any donations we receive. Monetary gifts can be made towards the purchase of food items. Please denote “Backpack Buddies” on your envelope or check and place it in the offering plate. It only takes $5.00 to feed 1 child for the weekend and $205 to feed 1 child for the school year.