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080711 Msg.-Vernon AC Church

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Fully Devoted, Fully Engaged Christ-Followers: The Christ-follower and Temptation ~ James 1:13-15, by Pastor Bruce Burks Notes: Fishing: Present the right bait in the right way at the right time. Temptation works the exact same way. James 1:1-18 - The life of the Christ-follower is full of varied trials. Proper perspective on trials: 1)We belong to God (bondslaves), 2)Trials are cause for joy (God is at work), 3)We should ask God for wisdom, 4)We should recognize our abject spiritual poverty and God's eternal riches, 5)We should live in hope (the trial won't last forever, but eternal life will), 6)Trials bring temptation, which we should avoid, 7)We can and must trust the goodness and character of our unchanging Father God. Today: James 1:13-15 - The anatomy of temptation and sin. Context: Trials bring temptation - foolish choices, "easy fixes," anger, bitterness, etc. However, temptation comes with or without trials. Vs.13 - "pierazo" - same word translated trial/testing and temptation (to sin). God, who brings trials for our good, never tempts/solicits us to sin. It's against His nature - He can't be tempted to sin. "He Himself" (ESV) - "of Himself" - compare to 1:18 He who chose to redeem us never chooses to tempt us to sin against His standard. Vs14 - Ultimately, temptation comes from within. "exelko" - "drawn out, lured forth, carried away" (Strong's) "deleazo" - "baited, caught by a bait, beguiled by blandishment" (Strong's) "epithymia" - "desire, craving, longing, lust" (Strong's) We are never tempted by anything we don't want. Neither Satan nor the world can touch us apart from the lust within. Temptation reveals what's within - pride, selfishness, anger, impurity, unbelief, etc. Vs15 - Temptation embraced and acted upon leads to sin and death. "syllambano" - "seize, take (as prisoner), conceive (as a woman with child)" (Strong's) "apoteleo" - "accomplished, perfected, brought quite to an end" (Strong's) The dying may be a slow process. What are we to do? 1)Recognize what is within - Know yourself. 2)Cry out to God and celebrate the cross. 3)Repent and give yourself to God - Romans 6:13 4)Become a doer of the Word (vs19-27) Fully Devoted, Fully Engaged Christ-Followers understand the anatomy of temptation and sin, celebrate God's redemption, and become overcomers by His grace.